Exposing Stock Bashers

Small-Cap Investors Clash with the Bashers’ Plague

We are a small group of investors from China with focus on small-cap companies based in China and USA. We are an independent group that does not affiliate with any Investor Relations company or a market maker and we are sick and weary of the bashing practices hitting the online message boards. We see a major nuisance in the Bashers’ Plague that constantly mushrooms on the public discussion boards and suffocates the true information that the companies forwarded to the public.

The Internet had become an excellent tool when it comes to business research. The web bursts with accessible, useful and free information on businesses, companies and investment opportunities, which investors would otherwise never have heard of. If a person dedicates him/herself and pays attention to the right information, one can learn and greatly profit from the online resources. our group has long-tern investments in a number of small-cap companies, whose honest information is easily accessible on trading boards. These companies go out of their way to inform public and investors on their newest achievements and progress. Unfortunately, the Online Global Communities suffer from the Bashers’ Plague that tramples upon the best information and hurts many up-and-coming companies.

The discussion boards offer a tremendous source of information especially to a starting investor who wishes to learn how to invest wisely. However, we urge every investor, new or experienced, to pay attention whom do they receive their advice from. The Internet’s anonymity allows for many people with ulterior motives to Bash and manipulate potential investors and stall the stock.

These corrupt individuals, malicious or, and even worse, compensated for their maliciousness by third parties, discredit the best information publicized by the companies, twist it and present ever more negative view of the companies. Investors themselves often fight online battles that cannot be won, due to the Bashers’ purpose to continue disrupt honest business activity. Multiple aliases of these people allow for their constant presence on the message boards, as they set out their exclamation marks and information/bias ratio of 1 to 9 to manipulate the public opinion and turn potential investors against the stock, destroying value, limiting the stock’s momentum, stalling the trade, and killing the dream of profit.

We want to warn people who seek information and participate on the message boards to be wary of these individuals. If you suspect that an online entity/entities are trying to manipulate opinions on your message board, please contact us.

The online universe serves as a great educational and socializing tool, but it can also turn venomous for your hard earned money if you listen to the wrong person.

We are China based investors and with help of our friends in North America, we were able to identify several stock bashers and decided to publicize their identities as for public to vary their online presence.

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